200W Halogen Arm Light For Economy Plus And Premium Pop-Ups

Standard on our Abex 300 and 350 Pop -up systems, this "round-head" 200W arm light is no longer standard on our Magnetix, Economy Plus, and Premium Pop-Up lines. Please specify which line of pop-ups you plan on using these with as the mount will differ.

This order will ship in 1 box. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Box 1

Length: 19 in. (48.26cm)

Width: 7 in. (17.78cm)

Height: 7 in. (17.78cm)

Weight: 2 lb. (0.91kg)

MSRP Price: $125.00
Code: 2001-04-B
Height: 18 in. (45.72cm)
Width: 8 in. (20.32cm)
Depth: 4 in. (10.16cm)
Weight : 2 lb. (0.91kg)
Lead Time: 1 Day
2 to 5 $122.00
6 to 11 $120.00
12 to 999 $118.00