LumiWall 4' x 6' Replacement Fabric Panel

Relacement Panel for Lumwall display includes SEG inserts around the perimiter.
E-proof is included, free of charge, with all orders. Lead times begin once e-proof is approved. If you choose to forgo e-proofing, we will make our best effort in printing your graphic files but are not responsible for inaccuracies in layout and design. The e-proof is only to ensure that layout and design are correct and all elements are present. The only way to ensure color accuracy is to order a Graphic proof (below).

This order will ship in 1 box. This shipping information is determined by the base configuration and does not reflect any added components.

Box 1

Length: 10 in. (25.40cm)

Width: 10 in. (25.40cm)

Height: 3 in. (7.62cm)

Weight: 2 lb. (0.91kg)

MSRP Price: $290.00
Code: LW-46-FAB1
Height: 72 in. (182.88cm)
Width: 47.5 in. (121.92cm)
Depth: 0 in. (0.00cm)
Weight : 2 lb. (0.91kg)
Lead Time: 10 Days